Saturday, August 13, 2011

I formerly gave the Art of Shaving my exclusive patronage for all my shaving needs but I think I'm ready for a new direction. The brand has become excessively mainstream and recently opened a store front across from Union Square on Geary Street. This is in addition to their mall location hardly three blocks away. Their products are admittedly good but after loosing my razor handle and brush while moving out of school, I recognized the opportunity for a new experience.

TwinLuxe is a pricier option but it provides individuality. Their offerings are less extensive but I like the simplicity. The aesthetics of their packaging and products make TwinLuxe a great solution for shaving. The limited edition Arctic Series is my favorite but the full set will set you back $1,588.00. Featuring solid white alumina ceramic, the material is used in engine parts and ballistic armor, providing lasting durability through years of shaves.

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