Thursday, September 2, 2010

Postertext creates posters out of the text of memorable scenes from classic books. With 20 posters available and more on their way, check out their complete selection for come academic beauty. See below for Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea both up close and in practice.


This nutcracker is a mixture of crazy good aesthetics minus practicality plus fun. The concept of Deez Nuts by Tan Jun Yuan reduces the necessary hand strain in favor of gravity. Found on Yanko Design, the concept uses a weight to crack nuts and keep the discards contained. Crack, life tube, eat, repeat.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If Birch Flowers was only about flowers then it wouldn't be one of the coolest stores I ever visited. The black walls provide a provoking contrast that act as the paramour to the bright plants and flowers. The magazine wall provides every fashion guide you have ever heard of plus many reserved for those in the know. The chic edginess is made even more clear by their client list which includes:

Isaac Mizrahi, Yves Saint Laurent, Vera Wang, Kate Moss, Kate Spade, Vogue, Oscar de la Rent, Sir Richard Brandon, Saks Fifth Avenue, Vanity Fair, and many, many more.

Pictures do not give justice but they are second best to being there. Besides the aesthetics and quality of the shop, the trendy music tops of the experience. Located on both Sacramento Street and Hayes Street, the latter served as my introduction.


Although no recipe or fresh produce will recreate the French Laundry, this mortar and pestel from Alessi can give your food an extra edge by helping you provide the freshest of spices. The kitchen instrument will force portion control on its users but you get to enjoy great aesthetics in conjunction with your health. The full name -- bear with me -- is the Alessi Cum Grano Salis Mortar and Pestel by Giovanni Alessi Anghini and Lorenzo Piccione di Pianogrillo. Available directly from Alessi for $27.00 it makes a great counter addition. I've featured Alessi before but this would make a particularly great pairing with the Alessi Kitchen Scale.


While browsing the selection on Swizz Style after I found the Viktor Air Purifier, I came across the Otto Wooden Fan designed by Carl Borer and available for $199.99. The stylish fan is apparently "whisper quiet," adjustable in height, and operates in three different settings. The wood is made from African sapele and plays a functional compliment to the air purifier.


The simple and modern Stadler Form Viktor Air Purifier features three layers of filters and five different power levels. In addition to cleaning the air in your bubble, the purifier serves the dual purpose of night-light when using the LED control lights. Available for $399.99 on Swizz Style, consolation comes in the form of free shipping, saving your Andrew Jackson for a later date.


Good design is made all the better when that design is a unique one. The Foscarini Diesel Fork Desk Lamp is a mini-spotlight that shines light in the direction you want and only in that direction. Found on AllModernLighting and available for (Boeing?) $747,  the lamp was made by Foscarini for Diesel and their Successful Living line. It almost seems as if Diesel is begging to overextend their brand but as long as the design is good, I have no complaints. Click here to check out the PDF version of Diesel's complete line of lighting.