Thursday, March 4, 2010

Urban Prefer has released a few office supplies that would complement any modern desk. The Lipstick Energy Efficient Stapler can bind bind paper using 60% less energy than a normal stapler (trivial? nah) and has three methods of use. The Folded Paper Tape Dispenser features "a quiet, rustic fashion" that invokes "tranquility" through it's shadowing. Whatever. But, folded-paper design is nothing new and looks neat, and if you want a more complete set, check out the Bin Bin Wastebasket by John Brauer.

Ever wonder who's satellite you're staring at? When dusk comes and but one "star" appears in the sky, the sparkling dot is more likely a satellite than interstellar gas. Michael Paukner's graphic (poster?) found on 2Modern shows what's out in space, letting you know whose watching overhead. In addition, I found about the International Space Station's tracking website in my Astrobiology course on Tuesday. If you have trouble identifying one twinkling dot from the next, check out the ISS Tracking Website to locate the largest artificial satellite orbiting the Earth


There are only two good ways to hide your goods at home: using a hidden safe or buying a designer safe. If you don't want to take down the fake Rothko every time you need access, I would shoot for the new Karl Lagerfeld luxury safe. Partnering with Döttling, Lagerfeld created this 1,700lbs. safe with a high-gloss chrome-plated aluminum outfit. According to, "when activated, twin doors slide open to reveal watch winders and jewelry drawers." Production is limited to 300 and the pricetag comes in at 250,000 euros (about $341,675) but the beautiful minimalist design will provide a fitting home to your beautiful valuables.


I had never heard about Condé Nast's Traveler magazine's "Room With a View" column before Luxist and Gilt featured the new compilation from Assouline, but Room With a View makes a great coffee table book that showcases the best part of any home or hotel: the view. Available on the Assouline website for $65, or up for grabs on the invite-only Gilt website for $55 (until it sells out), the book showcases the best of urban, rural, and countryside views.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Whereas Nalgenes are proud to be plastic, durable if not poisonous via polycarbonate, the Tkara Water Bottle is glass but apparently "designed with maximum durability." I'm not sure what's the standard for maximum durability when dealing with glass, but the water bottle is attractive and comes with an airtight seal. Available for $29.95, the 500mL water bottle will be available later this month.