Thursday, August 4, 2011


Zegna has been one of my favorite brands since I first saw them at the Stanford Shopping Center. Mixing muted styles with interesting details and, at times, innovative textiles, Zegna successfully navigates understated luxury. On July 20th I received an email from Zegna that they updated their website and I love it. Besides making their selections available online, the website is easy to navigate and aesthetic.

While on their website earlier today, I came across the image below for their Zegna Sport diffusion line. I don't stay updated on the latest trends but I was shocked to see what appears to be baggy jeans. The bagginess is slight and arguably absent but it seems Zegna is pushing the typical border of high-end casual downward. I definitely approve but it's an interesting approach. Perhaps Zegna Sport is outperforming the parent line and they decided to pursue their successes with casual clothing? Beats me. The belt is reminiscent of car buckle belts that you can find at random malls (granted, this one will set you back $225).  Nonetheless, they pull is off and it works.

In conversation with a sales clerk, I learned a lot about Zegna and their role in the wool industry. According to Zegna (conflict of interest?), the brand has been a huge factor in developing higher quality wool. Brands such as YSL and Tom Ford actually contract with Zegna to produce some of their suits. With a typical suit under $5,000, you would be better served going straight to the source. Awarding manufacturers that produce ultra-fine wool with the Ermenegildo Zegna Vellus Aureum Trophy, Zegna has become one of the world's largest buyers of wool. Zegna Sport is a great way to compliment their formal wear and relax during the weekend.

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