Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Wall Street Journal, like the NYTimes, has a great selection of homes in their real estate section. Their House of the Day segment features the best houses on the market and those lucky enough to appear are really amazing. The properties are viewable through the iPhone and iPad app offered by the WSJ but also offered on their website without a subscription. Properties range from Victorian to modern and encompass the the best of the finest. The modern house below is available for $10.9 million and located in Beverly Hill. According to the article, the "four-bedroom, mid-century modern in the trendy Trousdale section of Beverly Hills [and] recently underwent a renovation to make it 'sexy'". You have the option to vote the house as WSJ's House of the Week -- what I believe to be the obvious clear winner.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I previously featured the Mija dog beds but for those looking for something a little less expensive, LazyBonezz pulls off pet luxury just as well. The Metropolitan Pet Bunk-Bed comes in handy if your pets have separation anxiety when apart from each other. In reality, this will never happen, but for people who treat their pets like children, a bunk bed makes sense. The Modern Pet Bed, on the other hand, looks looks like a legit human bed (with award proportions). Both are available for $399 and originally found on The Fancy, these beds give your pets style to match your own home.


The Monochromatic Deck of Cards from Gent Supply Co. is an awesome set that outstrips other modern interpretations. Found on The Fancy and available for $16.50, it's not surprising that both black and white editions are currently out of stock.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My blog has featured numerous tools and appliances for the kitchen but this is the first time particular foods and recipes received special attention. All three items below were found on The Fancy and each looks so perfectly good that the calorie count (somewhere nearing infinity) is irrelevant. The food found on The Fancy matches the same criteria I use when finding modern objects for my blog: unique, aesthetic, and useful (more or less).

The Ham and Egg Crepe Squares were featured on Framed Cooks, a blog following Kate's exploration with cooking and photography. All her final products look absolutely delicious but the crepe squares appear unparalleled.

The S'mores Candy Bars were originally featured on Not So Humble Pie and look enticing. What I like about this recipe is its simplicity; three ingredients combined with two special tools create these dessert pieces that look professional and delicious.

The Cake Ball Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies take two of the best things in the world (chocolate chip cookies and gooey red velvet cake) and create a single product of (presumably) sensational taste. Originally appearing on SugarDerby, I'm sure you'd need to jog two hours to counterbalance one treat.

Monday, April 18, 2011


The Casa Standing Ashtray by Blomus takes away the unseemly nature of the ashtray and replaces it with a mini monument of modern design. Available for about $400 on Lumens, make cigarettes cool again with a small investment in workplace elegance.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Investing in nice clothes should work in tandem with buying quality accessories. These hangers by Blomus will compliment any modern bedroom and create the perfect aesthetic between your closet, clothes, and hangers. Available on Student Market for about $20/each, the hangers make Sunday laundry a little more fun. If you're in the market for modern hangers, check out the previously featured modern concept hangers by Cecilia Lundgren.


With the help of ethanol fuel, the Vidro Freestanding Fireplace by Flöz Design is an odorless and smokeless way to create the perfect ambiance. The small size is available for $788 (or an additional $170 for the large) plus the cost of fuel (1 litre burns 2-4 hours), which isn't bad for a modern fireplace that sets the mood for an entire room. Found on The Fancy, the fireplace can be bought at Addo Novo. For additional fireplaces, check out the Conmoto Travelmate Portable Fireplace and Napolean fireplaces.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


The Sleipner Turntable by Bergmann Audio is flawlessly designed. If you want a turntable whose aesthetics match your beats, choose Sleipner. Found on The Fancy, the turntable is supported and centered by air; i.e. there's no physical contact with the rest of the table, allowing no friction or mechanical noise at all. Unfortunately, the intersection of form and function is like the Champs Elysées and you'll need to pay for your luxuries - MSRP: $12,000.


This concrete USB, found on The Fancy, is the perfect tool for swapping docs. Unlike the techy drives in plastic, the concrete USB has some weight which will, hopefully, prevent it from getting lost. To replace that tragedy, you're now faced with the prospect of chipping your drive. Nonetheless, €45 for 1GB is a reasonable price and can be bought at Aus Berlin. The website uses a metaphors to explain it's design:

usbéton is a contemporary fossil, it contains precious informations from our time. like an architectural building, a usb stick is about space and storage capacity. like an architectural building, usbéton is made out of concrete

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery doesn’t make much sense in terms of money or time but it adds some cool factor to the home. Alongside a home theater and game room, a personal brewery will create the perfect hangout. Unfortunately, you’ll need to invite friends back for round two because it takes seven days to brew. Found on Uncrate and available for $4,500, their website provides additional information and includes a video demonstrating the process.


My favorite timepieces are usually simple and elegant (see A. Lange & Söhne and Patek Philippe) but I realized it's wise to have a wide arsenal at hand. Different events call for different timepieces and Breitling is the clear choice for aviation adventures. The Breitling Transocean Chronograph is a 2010 edition of their classic Transocean timepiece originally released in 1958. 2,000 pieces in steel will be released  (and an additional 200 in red gold) until the back window is replaced with a steel  cover. Prices start at $7,600.


I don't have any art in my dorm bedroom but I look forward to buying some prints when I graduate and live in San Francisco. Found on The Fancy, the Baby White Tiger No. 5 by Sharon Montrose is a great piece for the modern home. I enjoy black and white prints but prefer art that finds natural and unaltered shades of these colors. The print is located on 20x200, a site that introduces one new print and one new photograph each week. The name is derived from the original format that offered its largest batch (200 editions) at $20 each but the current structure varies among artwork and sizes. While the 8x10 and 16x20 are both sold out, 11x14 and 24x30 are available in small batches until they, too, disappear.


The modern furniture and accessories from BoConcept make the company a great resource for home additions. Located in SoMa and Pac Heights, both showrooms are filled with aesthetic designs complimented by friendly service. Below are a few bedroom layouts illustrating the incredible versatility of the Limo Bed. Available in a variety of fabrics, veneers, and headboards, you can perfect any room with the right combination. With 1/3 of life spent sleepingit's worth the $1,895 investment.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I've been a fan of Moncler for a while. I previously featured their outrageously expensive $220 chunky knit wool socks but this jacket falls within reason. The company manufactures high-end down jacket and sportswear for people looking to back their dedication to the snow with style. Found on The Fancy and available at Barneys for $950, the Gingham Bike Jacket features water repellent coated cotton, front zip slash pockets, and a hood to keep your head dry.


Coffee Joulies are the hypothetical equivalent of the icy-hot patch. The stainless steel beans are filled with a "special non-toxic material... designed to melt at 140 degrees Fahrenheit." The beans quickly cool your drink but you need not worry about a cold cup of Joe.  Once the cup reaches 140 degrees, the liquid solidifies and reverses the process, keeping your coffee hot. The beans are presented on the Kickstarter website with an original goal of receiving $9,500 in contributions to turn the creation into reality. Through the website, the two creators have raised $140,612 from 2,410 backers and still have 19 days to go.

Originally found on The Fancy, each bean is designed to work with 5 oz. of coffee with a .75 oz displacement. The beans are the successful creation of two Dave's who collaborated while living on opposite coasts. West Coast Dave received his M.S. from Stanford (Go Card!) and proves the best things come from The Farm.