Monday, April 11, 2011


Coffee Joulies are the hypothetical equivalent of the icy-hot patch. The stainless steel beans are filled with a "special non-toxic material... designed to melt at 140 degrees Fahrenheit." The beans quickly cool your drink but you need not worry about a cold cup of Joe.  Once the cup reaches 140 degrees, the liquid solidifies and reverses the process, keeping your coffee hot. The beans are presented on the Kickstarter website with an original goal of receiving $9,500 in contributions to turn the creation into reality. Through the website, the two creators have raised $140,612 from 2,410 backers and still have 19 days to go.

Originally found on The Fancy, each bean is designed to work with 5 oz. of coffee with a .75 oz displacement. The beans are the successful creation of two Dave's who collaborated while living on opposite coasts. West Coast Dave received his M.S. from Stanford (Go Card!) and proves the best things come from The Farm.

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