Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My blog has featured numerous tools and appliances for the kitchen but this is the first time particular foods and recipes received special attention. All three items below were found on The Fancy and each looks so perfectly good that the calorie count (somewhere nearing infinity) is irrelevant. The food found on The Fancy matches the same criteria I use when finding modern objects for my blog: unique, aesthetic, and useful (more or less).

The Ham and Egg Crepe Squares were featured on Framed Cooks, a blog following Kate's exploration with cooking and photography. All her final products look absolutely delicious but the crepe squares appear unparalleled.

The S'mores Candy Bars were originally featured on Not So Humble Pie and look enticing. What I like about this recipe is its simplicity; three ingredients combined with two special tools create these dessert pieces that look professional and delicious.

The Cake Ball Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies take two of the best things in the world (chocolate chip cookies and gooey red velvet cake) and create a single product of (presumably) sensational taste. Originally appearing on SugarDerby, I'm sure you'd need to jog two hours to counterbalance one treat.

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