Thursday, November 12, 2009


The Rolls-Royce Ghost, slated for release in 2010, is the latest Rolls-Royce vehicle and joins the Phantom, Phantom Drophead Coupe, and Phantom Coupe in the RR lineup. Designed to appeal through its lower price point ($255,000) and smaller frame, the Ghost is looking to compete with cheaper luxury cars such as the Bentley Continental Flying Spur and Maserati Quattroport.

Similar to other Rolls-Royce cars, the customization benefits seem endless, ranging from various technologies to enough colors choices to cause agitation. And naturally, the benefits (the seats, the speed, the umbrella holder in the door...) are legendary. If you're looking for something a little more sporty, the Bentley Continental might be more your choice, though the Ghost definitely has a modern edge over its predecessors with its smoother curves.


On a tangent, I noticed that Rolls-Royce made slight changes to their commercial for the Phantom Coupe, released in 2008 and featured in the third picture below. The original commercial (still found on YouTube) featured the great song "Shooting Star" by Air Traffic but the commercial on their website features a wordless sound-alike.


Lastly, and just for fun, the hood ornament on a Rolls-Royce is called the Spirit of Ecstasy and inspired by an affair between John Scott-Montagu, a pioneer in the car movement, and his secretary/model of the emblem, Eleanor Thornton. Pressured to marry elsewhere due to Thornton's low socioeconomic status, Scott-Montagu lost his mistress when she died while on a ship torpedoed by a German submarine.


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