Saturday, July 30, 2011


It doesn't matter how you drink it but everyone loves orange juice. There's my perennial favorite -- the mimosa -- but straight-up works equally well as a good picker-upper. The Castro in San Francisco has endless opportunities for brunch and most serve bottomless mimosas for under $10. My first experience was at the touristy (yet fun) Lime, which is an experience everyone should have. The restaurant/lounge looks like a Firby fanclub (pink... everywhere) but their food is unexpectedly good. The wait for a table usually exceeds an hour and there are many good alternatives but Lime is the best place for your first brunch in the area. Well-dressed, drunk and friendly describes everyone I experienced, which is beyond your typical brunch experience.

If you're going to buy the Cecilware OJ100 Automatic Orange Juice Machine by Zumex, I suggest replacing your typical variety with blood oranges.  Cafe Flore (about 300 feet away) does exactly this (but the mimosas aren't bottomless). They taste much better and the red tint more exotic. At the end of the day, if you're spending $4,738.00 for an automatic juicer, you probably know what you're doing. Processing 14 oranges/minute and capable of holding two gallons of juice, the machine expects you to regularly entertain a good-sized crowd.

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