Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's a shame Steve Jobs is leaving Apple but appearing on 313 of Apple's patents is a great way to leave a legacy. The iconic staircase is instantly recognizable and marks, in my opinion, a permanent addition to modern classics. The opportunity for great design is often under-appreciated but Apple's staircases are effectively monument and centerpiece. The first picture highlights Apple's original staircase patent filed in 2002.

Great staircases do not need to be limited to commercial use. The staircase/slide below, found on The Fancy, was designed by Alex Michaelis; obviously kid-friendly, the slide is also a great solution for the heavy drinker. Siller Stairs designed the second staircase and their website features many amazing designs worth exploring. The last creation is the product of John Maniscalco Architecture. Found on and built for a home in San Francisco (Russian Hill), the staircase features a simple yet compelling design perfect for the minimalist looking to merge aesthetics without excessive attention.

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