Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'm shameless when it comes to gimmicks and cheap tricks; in fact, I thoroughly enjoy them. As such, I readily recognize when something lacks substance. This blog is about image -- modern design, architecture, and reputation -- and many of the featured items sacrifice utility to achieve the perfect facade. That's cool.

That being said, you have to trust me when I say something's not a gimmick. A large part of the common sense in me believes all formulas for hair, face, and skin products are basically the same. There is no magic.  But months ago I was at Neiman Marcus and a sales person put Sisleÿum for Men on my face before I could object. She sent me home with a 0.1 ounce sample and encouraged me to use it after every shave. I did exactly as she said and I fell in love.

Sisleÿum for Men works amazingly. It truly prevents any and all shine from appearing on your face; the lotion feels absolutely amazing on freshly shaved skins (I've tried many alternatives); the smell leans toward masculine but doesn't reek of generic men's locker-room cheap crap; and, for some reason, my face simply looked amazing. Why the preface on gimmicks? 1.7 ounces sells for $265. That means my 0.1 ounce was worth more than $15. That being said, my sample lasted for weeks. More importantly, it's your face. Can you ever invest too much on your face? Ask for a sample, try it out and see for yourself. I haven't tried any other Sisley products but this one is liquid gold.

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