Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The Nambé Twist Cocktail Shaker is a modern instrument with edge. While I'm normally a fan of straight lines and right-angles, the curves on the shaker -- designed by Fred Bould -- are classy but simple. I had seen the Nambé Twist Shaker on many websites before it appeared in the Stanford Magazine article featuring Fred Bould as alumnus  ('95) turned successful product designer. Part of the larger Twist line, the cocktail shaker is the only product I like but stainless steel is easy to mix and match. Available from Unica Home for $145, the shaker is "made of thermal-retentive Nambé metal" which can be "freezer-chilled before mixing, transferring the cold to your favorite concoction without adding unnecessary ice." A tight fit is guaranteed by rubber rings in both the lid and removable strainer and the 10-inch shaker holds 15 ounces, just enough for two.

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