Tuesday, December 21, 2010


ˈmä-dərn has received over 5,000 hits since its start and this post marks the 200th contribution. Some days I submit ten new posts while there have been months without a single update. The rhythm is victim to a varying schedule and the difficulty in finding items that make a perfect fit. As with previous celebrations, the blog marks the landmark with more jewels.

For this holiday season, Cartier showcases a winter panther in a 30 second video on their Winter Tale website. Follow the panther to view accessories for him, her, and a special "Diamonds forever" section. I would be happy to feature a little of everything Cartier has to offer but their watches have always been my favorite. I featured the ever-popular Tank Francaise near the beginning of this blog but a much newer masterpiece also exemplifies the distinctive Cartier design and elegance. The Cartier Roadster S, found on Uncrate, stands as the newest addition to the Cartier collection and is available for a mere $3,500. Perhaps the rubber strap helps tapper the price tag but it gives Cartier enthusiasts a chance to stick with the brand and go casual.

Also new on the slate for Cartier is the Cartier flagship opening in Hong Kong. Located in the 29-story Prince's Building on Chater Road, the façade emits fluctuating light and rises 17 meters above the ground, "reflect[ing] the pulsating rhythm of the city — ascending by day to absorb the light of the sky, before gently falling back to earth at night to showcase the store windows."

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