Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The holiday season is coming up and vacations/celebrations equal new big-budget films. With Hollywood doing better this year than last and 3D movies proving wildly successful, it was inevitable that designers would take advantage of the opportunity. Found from a WSJ video, you can now look great while watching a movie (when no one -- absolutely no single person -- is looking at you). Designers are coming out with their own high-end 3D glasses that range from Armani Exchange's $58 aviators (available in December) to Gucci's $225 (better?) aviators (also available in December). Oakley falls somewhere in-between with their $120 rendition of their popular Gascan sunglasses (which normally run $90 for non-polarized). Not featured are Calvin Klein's 3D sunglasses with styles distinctive for both women and men, and Oakley's special edition Tron sunglasses for the upcoming movie premiere on December 17th. Unfortunately, your ticket price will still include a premium for the cheap plastic glasses you don't take but maybe in the future the charge will be separate, thereby adding justification to the splurge.

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