Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Doll's House for Clementine was designed by TDO Architecture and commissioned by Wallpaper*. The house was designed vertically to accommodate easy interaction at all levels and the home effectively creates a "mini modernist world." When closed, the doll house becomes a gently luminescent lamp which counteracts the space lost for an unusually large toy. While not available for sale, the doll house gives an interesting base concept for the design of future creations.


  1. I am looking to build a new doll house for my daughter, and this post has given me a few ideas.

  2. [...] Doll House by Brinca Dada, found on The Fancy, is a lot more practical and realistic than the previously featured A Doll’s House for Clementine. I suggest checking out Brinca Dada’s website for two [...]