Sunday, January 3, 2010

Zontik Games offers luxury entertainment for everything from gambling to board games. Their website is a general recommendation if you're looking for a present that says more money is better fun, but price tag aside, their products are attractive and made with incredible quality. Some products, such as the leather Rubik's Cube for $155 or the Swarovski Crystal Dice Set in an Alligator Case for $95, are within reach - others, such as the dominoes ($10,290) and checkers ($8,790) sets designed by Deuce, take a larger investment. The dominoes set features leather dominoes in optional colors, silver-plated brass pins to open and close the magnetic doors, and a case of waxed ebony pear-tree or black-lacquer beech. The checkers set also features leather pieces available in optional colors as well as silver-plated brass accents and a magnetic closing. The board is available in black-stain varnish, waxed pear-tree, or ebony with pear-tree or bone inlays.

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