Saturday, December 5, 2009


I never really realized I needed an ice cooler, but in the spirit of consumption, why not? Created by Tools Design, the Ice Cube Cooler is available at Dansk Design for €74.69 (about $111) and designed for the "making, keeping, and service of ice cubes," keeping ice cubes as ice for a couple of hours. The top half flips to create an ice tray for the freezer - once frozen, knock the cubes out into the double-walled metallic bowl and use the tray as a lid, grabbing the ice via the tongs in the middle. Although the ice wont melt in the tray, liquor fresh from the shelf will be lukewarm, causing the ice to melt and  water down your drink. When trying to cool a drink versus keeping it cooled down, I'd suggest  Whiskey Stones as an alternative.

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