Saturday, October 31, 2009

One night while I was in New York at the end of this past summer (coincidentally during Fashion Week), I was roaming the city - window shopping, people watching, drinking Red Bull - and came across a window display that had beautiful dress up shirts. I saw the shirts and went around to the front of the building to see the store name. Pink, Thomas Pink. I had heard of the brand before but a true show of good clothes is when you're excited and impressed without having any idea of brand or price. The next day we returned when they were open and their clothes are top grade, both quality and look. Along with mens shirts, they also make accessories and knitwear, along with a small womens collection. Most shirts range from about £69.00 to £125.00 ($115 to $205) with a large selection at the lower price point (and some beneath it). They're not cheap but it's cheaper than a $350 shirt elsewhere and you'll look just as good.


Original image from sapaho on Image shown is edited.

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