Friday, October 16, 2009


Lalique is over 100 years old and makes decorative vases, perfume bottles, jewelery and a range of other crystal creations. Designs range the spectrum from classic to modern but they all have a unique flavor that makes them stand out. René Lalique, the founder of the company, freelanced for Cartier and Boucheron before he created his own brand. It was said, "his work frankly bears the mark of our complicated civilisation, a thirst for elegance, novelty, comfort and luxury."

The first vase is the Limited Edition Turtle Vase from their Black Collection and runs about $2,200, though there are no major companies selling them online, so in-store is probably the best bet. The second vase is the Bacchantes and runs for $4,650 and available at Bloomingdales. For a premium, you can choose from a small selection of tinted glass or go for the full on black (also a part of their Black Collection).



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