Thursday, October 22, 2009


The Bang & Olufsen earphones are marked by their ability to create incredible sound, form the perfect fit for any ear, and their unique aesthetic design. The hard rubber curve that wraps around the flexes up and down to guarantee a secure fit while the sound piece can go 360 degree to find the perfect angle. Additionally, where the anodized aluminum meets to make a right angle, there's an extension that can lengthen the height of the earpiece, allowing it to be extended up or down. Most earphones use in-ear designs to try to capture all the sound but the three levels of adjustment on the B&O earpiece allows the speaker to rest gently on the ear while achieving less sound loss (and reducing noise pollution). By resting on the ear, the earphones are so comfortable that it's easy to forget you have them on. I bought these a few weeks ago and they cease to be amazing. On top of the quality of sound, Bang & Olufsen stands by the quality of the product by giving a three year warranty with purchase. Given the tendency of earphones to break, their real price is lower than the $160 sticker listed at their eStore.



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