Saturday, July 11, 2009


cartierThis may possibly be the best and most classic watch ever; in fact, I have wanted Cartier's Tank Francaise since the beginning of high school. While in San Juan, P.R., after sophomore year of high school, we went into Cartier and I fitted the watch under pretense that my parents were looking for a graduation present. It was perfect: the weight, the look, the feel. This will be my college graduation present to myself from myself -- I can say goodbye to a kidney if that's what it takes, it's gorgeous.

According to Wikipedia, Cartier is currently the no. 1 seller of luxury jewelery in the world, and the no. 2 seller of luxury watches (after Rolex). The Tank Francaise was created by Louis Cartier in 1917 and inspired by the new Renault tanks which Cartier saw on the Western Front.

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